Ivory Edition Preview

Rokugan.de is honored to host two previews for the upcoming new base set: Ivory Edition.

Our first one is a well known honor producing holding:

Kabuki Theater Troupe

Our second preview is a rather young follower, who has Expendable and Tireless now, which would shorten his wording significantly…

Legion of Toshigoku

…but the reminder texts prevent this ;-)

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Resolution Series Braunschweig

Es ist Zeit zu bestimmen was in Braunschweig gespielt werden soll, damit ihr euch darauf vorbereiten könnt. Und damit ihr Spaß daran habt, könnt ihr darüber mitentscheiden:


Danke fürs Ausfüllen!

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Aftermath Preview

Our thanks go to Seth this time. This time Rokugan.de’s preview is a holding. Non-unique rare hodings seem to be a new theme for L5R. The good thing is, we won’t end up with booster boxes full of rare unique clan personalities that have zero trade value.

House of Prophecy

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Gates of Chaos Preview

Many thanks to Nicolas again. This time we are honored to preview a spell: GoC Befriend the Tides

Movement is always nice, even more so if it is reusable. 1 Gold attachments might benefit from gold splitting in Ivory.

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Kotei Nuremberg 2013

The new Kotei Homepage is online and can be found here: http://www.kotei.deutschland.de.vu/

Pre-registering until 23th of May gives a 5 bucks discount.

A map with the venue and the (strictly recommended) hotel can be found here: Kotei Map

Looking forward to see you all there.

Torn Asunder Preview

Rokugan.de is proud to present it’s first official preview:

A Close Call

Armor heavy decks might be an option finally and unopposed force bonuses are always interesting. Whereas all the blitz meta in TA sheds a different light on this…

Many thanks to Nicolas Bongiu for the honor to host this preview.

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Kotei Termine 2013

AEG hat mittlerweile die Termine der Koteis 2013 bekanntgegeben.

Ihr findet alle Termine hier: Bekanntmachung der Kotei Season 2013

Koteis in “näherer Umgebung” sind (in chronologischer Reihenfolge [MM/DD/YY]):

  • Madrid Spain 3/16/13
  • Sheffield United Kingdom 3/23/13
  • Brussels Belgium 3/23/13
  • Belfield Dublin Ireland 4/6/13
  • Szczecin Poland 4/13/13
  • Moscow Russia 4/20/13
  • Fonbeauzard France 4/27/13
  • Seville Spain 5/4/13
  • Staffanstorp Sweden 5/4/13
  • Athens Greece 5/12/13
  • Szczyrk Poland 5/25/13
  • Barcelona Spain 5/25/13
  • Aldershot United Kingdom 5/25/13
  • Nuremberg Germany 6/15/13
  • Budapest Hungary 6/15/13
  • Reykjavik Iceland 6/15/13
  • Boulogne Billancourt France 6/22/13

Kotei Season 2013 Thread in Forum

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L5R für Einsteiger

Falls ihr Interesse am L5R CCG habt, aber erstmal testen wollt, ob das Spiel was für euch ist, habt ihr demnächst die Möglichkeit dazu. Es gibt bald ein neues Learn to Play Set: Honor and Treachery .

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