The registration

Do you like what you have read? Register for the event here! The registration fee will be 25€ for everyone who registers until the 27th of May. Later registrations will be 30€. With this early registry discount we hope to motivate you to sign in early for easier organization of the event. To register, send me an e-mail at [email protected] Please include your name and preferred payment method. Available methods are bank transfer and on side payment. Optionally you may include the clan you will most likely represent and your AEG forum name to make meeting up in real life easier. I will answer your e-mail ASAP. If you have chosen bank transfer, my IBAN and BIC will be included in my reply. Unless you wish not to, your name, clan alignment, payment status and/or alias will be listed on this page as a final confirmation of your registration and payment.

Registered Players:

1. Andre Rinn aka Monty Pillepalle, Mantis, payed

2. Timo Rönz, Mirumoto Takahashi, Dragon Clan, pay on site

3. Kay Ignatowitz aka Ide Yaki, Unicorn, pays on site

4. Thomas Rißen aka Askendar, Spider Clan, pays on site

5. Thomas van den Berg, Lion Clan, pays on site

6. Lukasz Kowalcyk, Phoenix, pays on site

7. Adam Kowalczyk, Phoenix, pays on site

8. Konrad Pszowski, Mantis, pays on site

9. Marcin Karwowski, Dragon, pays on site

10. Jacek Jachymowski, Crab, pays on site

———— Cut of for early registry ————

11. Alexander Probst, pays on site

12. Alexander Beckmann, Dragon, pays on site