The news

21th of June:

Please take note of the changes in scedule: The event will start at 9:30am.

29th of Mai:

Unfortunately, Hector needed to cancel his attendance. He will however still create a logo for the event, for which we are greatfull.

20th of Mai 2015:

I am happy to anounce our second special guest for this years event: Hannah Böving!

Hannah is responsible for many great L5R artworks from past and current sets. So visit her at her booth on this years Kotei and fight in the tournament for some special prices from her stunning artworks.

3rd of March 2015:

We are able to welcome our first special guest, the acclaimed L5R artist Héctor Herrera. Not only is this fine gentleman responsible for many great L5R artworks, he is also the artist who did our Team-shirt’s artwork .

28th of January 2015:

The date for the road to Erlangen beginner tournament is up: 30th of May. Check out the road to Erlangen section for more information.

25th of January 2015:

The Broken Brothers, a L5R learn to play comic is up. I hope you have fun with it, two more chapters will definetly come along in the next few months. And maybe a soul or two will check out our beginner tournament . We have also been active behind the scene. Be prepared for something big!

18th of January 2015:

And we are up! To give the community a maximum of transparency, we will document the progress of the planning and the advertising of this year’s Kotei on this page. Keep an eye on this news for some awesome announcements.