The event

We have planned 5 different events for you over the weekend.

The main event:

This year’s main event will be 20 festivals arc, using the official AEG floor rules. Saturday will feature the best of one Swiss rounds. Registration will be open from 8.45 am until 9.30 am. The tournament will start ASAP afterwards. The number of swiss rounds played and the cut/play in rounds will depend on attendance.

The tops will be played on Sunday starting at 9 am.

Honor event:

The honor event will be the challenge of the seven fortunes. This is a set of 7 different mini games that pits the nine great clans against each other. All players will be assigned to a team according to the clan they represent in the main event. The challenges themselves will be distributed throughout the weekend and will require all kind of skills to win.

Second chance event:

This year’s second chance will feature 20 festival arc deck-swap. The event will be held on Sunday and will be open for everyone who did not make the cut the previous day. Every participant will have to hand in a 20 festival legal deck. At the beginning of every swiss round, all participants will be handed a deck at random, which has to be returned after the round. Players will score points for their wins as well as a win of the deck they build. The highest scoring player wins the event.

Saturday evening party event:

This very special tournament will be a booster draft featuring the self-designed barley and hope edition. This event will only be open for every player over 18 years of age who is not planning on using his car or his brain for the rest of the day. It will have an additional cost of 5€ for the boosters and some drinks as well as an extra trophy. Make sure to provide neough sleaves for a 20/20 draft deck plus Stronghold and Sensei.

Friday evening community meet-up:

As is tradition, all players will meet at Enlas Bierkeller on Friday evening for a community meet-up.