Road to Erlangen- Tournament for L5R beginners

As already anounced in the comic:
The Broken Brothers
a special tournament for beginners will be held in Marburg, germany on the 30th of May. What is special about the event? For starters, the only legal decks to play are unmodified starter packs of ivory edition or 20 festivals. No erratas or bans are enacted on cards in the starters (play as printed). Also, no players who have ever played a Kotei level L5R event is alowed to participate. But the greatest thing about this absolutely free event is the first place prize: The winner will receive a free hotel room in the Quality Hotel Erlangen for two on friday the 27th of June and saturday the 28th of Junewith breakfast and free entry at the 2015 Kotei in Erlangen. To top it of, the victor will build a tournament legal and off course absolutely broken deck from our cardpool and with our advise.
Where?: Game it Spielwaren , Biegenstraße 37, 35037 Marburg, Germany
When?: 30th of May, registry starts at 10am, tournament at 11am.What?: Starter pack only sealed event for L5R beginners only. Amazing first prize reward, see above.Cost?: Its for free!

ATTENTION: We have a limited amount of Ivory 1 starter packs which we can lend to the first few players who register for the tourney!

Interested? Write me an e-mail at [email protected] Write me your name and tell me if you want to lend a starter pack.