Greetings traveler and welcome to the homepage of the German Kotei 2015!

After over a decade of samurai warfare in Nurnberg, Andreas Böhm and Markus Steinbart went into well-deserved retirement. The whole German l5r community looks back at these events with great gratitude towards the hard work of the organizers. We had some truly unforgettable moments. So it is a great honor for us to carry on the tradition of the oldest German Kotei. We feel obliged to bring to you the best Kotei experience we could possibly offer.

The most obvious change made is the new event location. The Quality Hotel Erlangen has always served as the meeting point of all players attending the event in the past. With everyone being there anyways, we might as well do the whole tournament there. Besides the obvious convenience upgrade this provides, it also gives us new possibilities. We can now offer you an event in the evening. Or the possibility to drag the hang-over top eight players directly from there bed to the table for their quarter final matches.

This page provides you with every piece of information we have on the tournament. Just use the navigation above to inform yourself about the next Kotei on German soil. It would be an honor to have you as our guest this June. Let us meet at the battlefield,


the GCS